IFC Summit Games Panel is ONLINE!

By November 27, 2019 March 24th, 2020 News

What better way to usher in American Thanksgiving than a warm and fuzzy Games Panel from the International Future Computing Summit?!?

Roll call!

  • Bill Rehbock, Content Partnerships at Blade Group / Shadow
  • Jen Maclean, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Small & Mid-sized Studios, Game Tech at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Nick Thomas, Vice-President Commercial Partnerships at Hatch Entertainment
  • Kevin Robertson, Head of Business Development at AccelByte.

Some points of discussion included different mindsets of how cloud gaming could and should work, the perception of the industry (is there an industry?) in cloud gaming, what this all means for game developers, and much more.

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  • Avatar Dom says:

    I looked at the AWS website and it’s really confusing to search for prices and things on it. There are so many categories to choose from (very daunting). I hope they make it more simple. I have a website and domain with HostGator based in Texas I think and I am paying around $15.00 a month for unlimited space and lots of extra features. I have home servers too but my upload is only like 20mbps with Shaw Cable right now. If I want to get SSL features on my home servers it’s quite expensive (over 60 dollars per certificate), you need a revocation server service to get the full advantage of SSL.

    I wonder if there is some anxiety with getting this cloud to the client done right. Its a little more involved than just looking at 3d and making tv’s or glasses and software drivers. I hope IFC members take some time to conclude that what they are doing is a tough task. Is it a lot of Fun? and you guys must be like celebrities in the Computer World, Hehe ;)

    I’m watching these videos of the IFC conference and it seems like it’s very welcoming and social to let others use powerful computer systems in the cloud. I think it will be a successful mission and we’ll finally be able to use our Unlimited Data bundle we get with our Internet Packages as of late.

    Have a good holiday everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :woot

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