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The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is Happening

By June 3, 2019March 24th, 2020News
The International Future Computing Summit
Hello MTBSers!  The secret to our longevity has always been to be in and involved with what’s next.  We believe the client to cloud revolution is what’s next.  It speaks to the future computing ecosystem, it speaks to a new direction the industry is heading into, and we believe it’s going to introduce new types of applications and experiences well beyond what we’ve had available to us until now.

To help enable this, The International Future Computing Association is making the client-to-cloud revolution its core theme for its 2019 International Future Computing Summit.  Making things even cooler is this is the first time we are holding the conference (formerly known as Immersed) in Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum November 5-6, 2019.  It’s about time we made the move, so we’re doing it!

The client-to-cloud revolution refers to cloud and independent platforms like PC, console, mobile, and other devices developing new types of collaboration in both distribution, and software and content execution. With the advent of 5G and other connectivity breakthroughs, devices of all sizes and abilities are expected to be enabled beyond the processing power they are built with. This is expected to expand the client and consumer market size potential and make it possible for content and application creators to deliver even stronger offerings than previously thought possible.

We’re looking for great speakers that are part of or will be part of this amazing revolution.  Check the event out, and be sure to contact us to get involved.

Early bird tickets are on sale.  Save an additional $50 on the special rate by using discount code “EarlyBirdMTBS_IFCS“.

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