The Most Amazing HTC Vive Pro Deal You Will Find!

By August 28, 2018 March 24th, 2020 News
HTC Vive Pro Sold at The Border Bargain Shop

HTC Vive Pro Sold at The Border Bargain Shop

Sometimes you find the best deals in the darndest places.  The HTC Vive Pro is HTC’s super high-end HMD featuring 1440 X 1600 pixels per eye, 110 degree FOV, stereoscopic front-facing cameras, better space for glasses-wearers – their all around superior professional-grade product line.

Sold as a standalone HMD where the rest of the bundle (Vive controllers and lighthouse emitters) is purchased separately, the Vive Pro retails for about $800 USD.

HTC Vive Pro For $440 USD (probably NO TAX)

HTC Vive Pro For $440 USD (probably NO TAX)

Imagine our surprise when visiting the The Border Bargain Shop in the Ammex Global Marketplace duty free at the Detroit-Windsor border crossing (American Side), that a bargains store had a whole pile of them (and we mean a PILE) on sale, unopened for…$440 USD each (probably without taxes).  This is HTC’s best stuff selling for $440 USD at a Duty Free store.

We would have gladly purchased one, but being from Canada, we would not have had warranty support had something gone wrong.  Also, all the products in that particular store were sold “as is”.  So, even though the boxes were sealed, if something had gone wrong, it’s unclear if HTC would have supported the manufacturers warranty.  Still, this is well worth investigating if you’re itching for HTC’s top tier HMD.

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  • Avatar Petrus says:

    I wonder if they are brand new from the factory or returned items from disappointed customers.
    I just bought a used vive pro, The screens are better (smaller pixels but still visible) but the rest is disappointing. I personally have a quite thin face, the vive pro being larger than the vive there are large gaps on the sides of my face and it just feels too big.
    But the worst part is the integrated audio, being accustomed to closed headphones with my vive, the integrated earpieces of the vive pro sounds bad. I’m OK with that, open earphones can’t be as good as closed ones, but the fact that there is no out of the box solution to plug headphones on the vive pro is deceiving (I know we can remove the earpieces and plug an USB-C to 3.5mm adapter (one with a dac) but it should have been included in the box).
    I think it would have been a better product if they just put the new oled panels on the existing vive case with the deluxe audio strap and 3.5mm audio cable included. I do not regret buying it since I got it for a good price, but if I had bought it at full retail price, I would have returned it.

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