We Finally Got the Acer HMD Reviewed!

By December 21, 2017 March 24th, 2020 News
Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD

Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD

We were super long overdue for a new episode of Neil’s Messy Basement.  So what better way to do it than review the Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD?

This turned out to be more than a review of Acer’s entry into the VR market; it was a review of the Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem as well.  We cover everything from hardware, to VR OS, to a special SteamVR compatibility plug-in, to the value proposition of the device itself.  We even gave recommendations on things you can do to avoid some major pitfalls (that we learned about the HARD way!).

On that note, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  • Avatar Dom says:

    Merry Christmas Neil. What were you wishing for this year?

    My lcd hdtv 720p tv broke in my bedroom so I picked up an LG 4K 43 inch tv with HDR. I also got Two google home mini’s and wifi RGB light bulbs and an android tablet, oh and also another Chromecast for my bedroom tv.

    I’m googled up to the ying yang now, hope you and your family is well. Thanks for all the support on mtbs3d.com :)


  • Avatar Neil says:


    Started building it at 9:00AM. Finished at 10 something PM. This thing better be sentient, or there will be hell to pay!!!

    Thank you for your well wishes! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well!

    I think I will do an episode about all the cool stuff I got myself this year with crafty deal hunting. It was a fun adventure!


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