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By March 27, 2017 March 24th, 2020 News
SVVR 2017
Very proud to announce that MTBS and the ITA we will be speaking at SVVR this year!  First up, we are putting together an eSports discussion panel and what virtual reality’s fit will be.  Panelists so far include Leslie Pirritano, officially credited as “Your Best Friend” at Radeon Technologies Group, and Amir Rubin, CEO of Sixense.

Neil Schneider, Executive Director of the Immersive Technology Alliance and Founder of Meant to be Seen is also going to share an updated snapshot of where the virtual reality market is headed, discuss a new range of challenges, and some cool things in development to overcome them.

Looking forward to seeing you all at SVVR 2017!

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  • Avatar Dom says:

    Hope everything went well at SVVR, I watched the keynote live on youtube on the 31st. I’m eager to see you speak Neil. Looks like the companies are pushing for a Vr lifestyle which I can live with.

    I remember most of this stuff from the 90’s when I was writing and thinking of new Vr techniques too. I’m over thrilled with the outcome of this all from 20 years ago.

    I hope the Vr companies aren’t losing out on anything.

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