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MTBS’ Ultimate VR Shopping Guide ONLINE

By November 19, 2016April 3rd, 2020News

Neil's Messy Basement
If things have been quiet in the basement, it’s only because we had a really good excuse!

After much research, it became clear that there wasn’t a solid go-to guide for consumers to learn about virtual reality and how they could get involved.  Everything until now seemed to be much too technical and enthusiast focused, so we decided to try something very different.

In preparation for Black Friday, MTBS’ Ultimate Virtual Reality Shopping Guide covers everything from VR on mobile to VR on console and PC.  It includes product reviews, bargain hunting ideas, secret shopping results, and even a fifteen minute IT lesson for people that want to learn how their computer works.

It’s our first try at this, and we’re hoping you like what you see and will help spread it around so everyone can be welcomed to the magic that is virtual reality.

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