Immersed 2016 Opening Remarks

By October 24, 2016 March 24th, 2020 News

WHAT A SHOW!  We will get more up shortly.  These are the openiing remarks for Immersed 2016 and featured Kevin Von Appen, Director of Science Communication for the Ontario Science Centre.  Check out all the passion shown by consumers for virtual and augmented reality.

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  • Avatar Dom says:

    Yeah what a show, you guys started almost from nothing into a big show and tech industry that’s growing into profit. Immersed is a great idea and should prove itself year after year, you know what to do Neil!

    I’m almost getting a front row seat coming to and chatting with you guys, I feel very fortunate to be part of the people interested in Vr and stereoscopic 3d and computers Entertainment.

    Nice to see the videos, you guys seemed pretty pumped up to be there. :)

  • Avatar Neil says:

    Thank you for the kind words! I’m hoping this will lead to even more exciting things to come.


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