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Nextgen Interactions Interview, Email us Your Rig!

By July 8, 2016March 24th, 2020News
Dr. Jason Jerald, Nextgen Interactions

Dr. Jason Jerald, Nextgen Interactions

Jason is easily one of the coolest go-to-guys working in virtual reality.  He did the first version of Left4Dead 2 in virtual reality, he did the first game for the Virtuix Omni, he’s written The VR Book, and much more (and more to come!).

This interview turned out GREAT!

Before you run off to watch the interview, we have a request from our members.  We are actively looking for the wildest racecar / over the top immersive experience (haptic chairs, VR devices, cybernetic implants, etc.).  We have a big idea that we are testing the waters with, and we need to hear from you to see if it would work.  Please email with pictures of your wildly immersive rig ASAP.

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