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Final Details on Wireless HMD

By March 10, 2016March 24th, 2020News
Wireless HMD Prototype

Wireless HMD Prototype

A few very important details about this HMD.  First, the company has settled on a proprietary 2.4Ghz signal.
Next, the technology is called “Project Valkyrie”.

Optoma Logo
Projection technology leader Optoma is behind this virtual reality device…AND…

“We are excited to join the ITA to work together as an industry to move forward immersive experiences. As an electronics company focused on engaging consumers with audio-visual products and technologies, we see virtual reality as the next frontier, and it’s important that we get the software, hardware and content aligned and optimized to bring the best experience to consumers.” – Robert Sterzing, President, Optoma

The devices are being hand made as we speak!  We are hoping to have a tech demo working right after the ITA Annual Meeting.  We’ll keep you posted on whether or not this will be a reality.  It’s a big deal if we can pull this together.

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