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Wireless VR HMD For PC

By March 7, 2016March 24th, 2020News
Wireless VR HMD Prototype for PC

Wireless VR HMD Prototype for PC

Last week, we gave mention to a new VR HMD prototype we are going to be adding Vireio Perception support to.  As proud as we are, that was the smaller story.

While the brand name will remain anonymous for now (they are a very reputable brand), we have been given the go ahead to share these specs of the early wireless prototype featuring positional tracking. So why is this a big deal, you ask? Multiple brands have been promoting the importance of room scale virtual reality. The catch is with the wires following you wherever you go, it’s a distraction – maybe even a risk if you aren’t careful and accidentally trip or a wire gets caught.

Wireless VR HMD Prototype for PC Optics

Wireless VR HMD Prototype for PC Optics

The specs are subject to change as things advance and the wireless head and body tracking will be revealed later.  However, this should be enough to get everyone excited:


  • 5.46” Color AMOELD 1080P Display
  • 120Hz Refresh


  • 3 Lens Optical Module
  • Low Distortion at 6.9% Max
  • 0.10% Lateral Color
  • MTF @ FOV 18 degrees: 54.5% @8LP
  • Adjustable Lens (eye relief): Range = 10-20mm
  • FOV: 90 degrees (for prototype)
Wireless VR HMD Prototype Lens Adjustment

Wireless VR HMD Prototype Lens Adjustment

Wireless Video Interface

  • 1x Video Receiver embedded in HMD. Current range is around 15’ to 20’. This range is determined by the amount of power dedicated to the receiver and it’s expected to improve further.
  • 1x Video Transmitter is connected to PC via HDMI for Transmission (60Ghz). The Video Transmitter requires external power.
  • Power Source: 5V 2A 16000mA External Battery Connected to HMD via USB 2.0

Alas, this is something to be excited about.  It’s a solid brand name too which has been around for many years, so that helped underscore our confidence.  Again, these details are for the prototype and isn’t a finalized spec.

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