Why Your Ten Years is Different from Facebook’s Ten Years

By March 1, 2016 March 24th, 2020 News
Don't go Full Lawnmower!

It’s kind of a crazy world we live in!  Facebook is regularly going on record that virtual reality won’t be a mass market for ten to twenty years while others are quitting their day jobs and making full virtual reality commitments for a short term future.  The messaging is so far apart and seemingly mixed, we decided to write this piece to share our own interpretation of what it all means.  Well, someone had to do it!

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  • Avatar Neil says:


    For those that don’t get the reference (which is CLASSIC), here it is. It’s from the movie Tropic Thunder where a group of actors get lost in the jungle trying to get back to camp. They are all bad actors. Great movie. Some swearing in the clip; you’ve been warned!


  • peteo says:

    Wow! didn’t think I would see any thing wireless this soon. 120hz!! Wonder the what the latency is. 120hz it has to be ridiculously low. Probably needs to be LOS, since any thing in the way of the wireless signal most likely wood drop the speed. Man I hope they come out with an add on kit that works with any HMD.

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