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ITA Vision Summit 2016 Panel

By February 24, 2016March 24th, 2020News

Vision Summit 2016 has placed most of their sessions online, and the above was the last hour put together by The Immersive Technology Alliance.  It features:

  • Daryl Sartain, Chair of the ITA VR Council, Director of VR for AMD
  • Wanda Meloni, Executive Director of The Open Gaming Alliance
  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The ITA
  • David Traub, CEO, Epiphany Film Fund
  • Jon Goldman, Manager Partner, Skybound Entertainment
  • Charles Morrow, CEO, MorrowSound
  • Dr. Davit Levitt, CEO, Pantomime Corporation
  • Dr. Michael Capps, Vision Summit 2016 Advisory (also ITA Advisory Board Member)

The first 20-25 minutes talked about The Immersive Technology Alliance, The ITA VR Council, and the relationship with The Open Gaming Alliance.  It gives a solid understanding of what the organizations are about, and Wanda Meloni highlighted recent gaming research that is applicable for VR content makers.

The panel discussion that follows talks about the latest work and opinions by true immersive industry veterans (even a pioneer from the company that first coined the words “virtual reality”!).

There was a moment when we risked being chased out of the room with a studded HMD mace, but everyone got out with their lives in-tact (“Fun WIth David Traub”, time index 31:15).
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