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What is the Secret?

By December 14, 2015News

Soylent Green
We’ll find out Tuesday night Pacific Standard.  I never thought this film would so clearly parallel the immersive tech industry – but it does.  As Charlton Heston insists at the end of the movie…we’ve got to tell them!

This is arguably a business-saving industry secret as long as people learn soon enough.  Those who have learned the secret have told us that they think the response and feelings will be:

  • Relief, because we revealed the secret, and others didn’t have to.
  • Shock, because this secret will require reshaping how we view the industry for it to last long term.
  • Empowerment, because it will show everyone to be equally capable and challenged.
  • Surprise, because our industry has factors we didn’t take into account, and now we know to.
  • Excitement, because many businesses followed the right path without knowing the secret.
  • Relaxation, because the assumptions we had before are no longer true.

The market will finally be informed, something few have been since taking the plunge into immersive tech.  Very few – if anyone – will be able to dispute the secret, because the secret is more fact than opinion.  Like the laws of gravity, the secret is a force we must learn to live with and build around, or the secret will crush us.

The secret will be out Tuesday night PST.

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