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Teleport: A Sign of Things to Come

By November 30, 2015March 24th, 2020News

We are getting to that point where the product isn’t the technology, it’s the purpose. Case in point is Teleport. Sold as a stereoscopic 3D add-on camera for mobile phones and a Google Cardboard-compatible HMD, their biggest selling point has little to nothing to do with the underlying technology. In fact, very little time is spent on field of view or pixels per lens or even how it works. Instead, most of their presentation is about recording and reliving valuable memories.

The HMD features per eye IPD adjustments and a focus knob, the cameras are listed as 720P, and there is a demo of how it is connected to your smartphone…and that’s it.

Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. We have little doubt that if or when (we think when)¬†Google goes all in with customized VR chips for smartphones, and when all these Android HMD options have an equal shot at VR readiness, they are going to have to appeal to something beyond specs to sell units. It’s ultimately going to be about connecting with the customer and the customer’s personal needs. Those needs may be about story or making our day easier, or simply connecting with something that makes us feel special about ourselves. ¬†Creating this link is where things will ultimately head.

Check out the full Indiegogo campaign, and share your thoughts below.


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