Happy Thanksgiving!

By November 26, 2015 News
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the MTBS team!  May your Black Friday sales be cheap and plentiful!

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  • Avatar Neil says:

    Wow! First deal of the day for me. I got a Sony PlayStation 4 for $369 Canadian (Canadian dollar is about 30 cents less per dollar compared to USD) and it was a no tax day at Super Centre. It’s the 500GB model, but I can always upgrade the HD later. I’ve been holding off on the PS4 purchase until they had some real immersive tech to offer…the day is coming!


  • Avatar Dom says:

    I have to work today all afternoon so I won’t be able to check out the stores, I did get 40% off some Nice Timberland boots and I got Fifa 11 for ps3 for 4.98 used on Monday. It snowed here lots on Monday and Tuesday.

    I had to take back a powerline adapter that I got from London drugs since it would not give me full speed, they said its due to the wiring, so I ran a wire from my bedroom to the living room now for gigabit lan, still wish I could use powerline gigabit though…

    Happy Holidays


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