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Is Lucidcam a New 3D Contender?

By November 9, 2015News

Everyone who knows MTBS knows we have strong roots in stereoscopic 3D content and gaming. A great frustration of ours is that convenient stereoscopic 3D photography came and went. In fact, we recently thought we lost our camera and feared it marked the end of an era because a replacement would have been too cost prohibitive. Fortunately, we found our 3D camera! Sorry, but we have no plans to run around CES with a cumbersome rig where we would be the center of attention instead of our interviewees!

That said, we are very pleased to see some light at the end of the tunnel. A new product called Lucidcam is touting itself as the next big platform for virtual reality. Capturing 180 degree field of view combined with up to 1080P resolution per eye, it has promise as a 3D camera alternative. This is intended to be a live streaming and recording device; so it’s not a point and shoot camera with zoom features. However, we can’t think of any other products coming to market that fit the bill of being both portable AND immersive.

You can also combine cameras for 360 degree 3D content; they have stitching software as well.

What we are eager to see is how well the footage can be translated to different media like virtual reality devices (e.g. Rift, GO, and Cardboard) and stereoscopic 3D displays (3D TVs, monitors, etc.). If it can effectively do both, we’ve got a winner!

They are currently in the middle of a growing Indiegogo campaign.  Check it out!

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