Happy Back to the Future Day!

By October 22, 2015News

How could we forget to celebrate Back to the Future Day?!?  We are indeed living in the future on October 21, 2015 – and the future sucks!  It really does!  I wanted some friggin flying cars by now, or at least that super cool hoverboard even without the…POWAH!

The only people feeling older than I are those that were living in Hill Valley in 1955.  I mean, come’on!  We are living in the future!  The future was supposed to be a joke, and I’m old enough to live in the joke!  Honestly, if you were around when the movie actually came out, how old does that make you feel?!?  Great Scott!

At least I’m around long enough to see…Jaws 19.  Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone!

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