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Business Opportunities at Immersed 2015

By September 25, 2015News
Dominic Eskofier Showing Off HTC Vive at Immersed Europe

Dominic Eskofier Showing Off HTC Vive at Immersed Europe

While everyone is excited about the line-up of speakers at Immersed 2015 as well as the soon to be announced exhibit hall, there is an even more core reason for this event to take place. Immersed is run to help build the industry and get the required tools and resources to the content and technology makers so they can get their businesses off the ground.
Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer, HTCPhil Chen is Chief Content Officer for HTC and is also the Founder of the HTC Vive. He manages HTC’s Presence Fund. Presence is a general virtual reality and augmented reality investment fund, and he is actively looking for projects and innovations to support. According to HTC, this is the first fund of this type.  He is traveling all the way from Taiwan to speak at Immersed and to help get new ventures off the ground.  Immersed is a rare opportunity to show your stuff and hopefully make a valuable new connection that could help secure your business’ success. Key areas of interest include education, immersive cinema, medicine, video games, rich experiences, and more.  There will likely be other investors in attendance as well.

Even though there are no guarantees that your project or venture would be selected, attending Immersed and/or having a start-up table or exhibit is the first logical step.  Instructions for achieving this are on the site.

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