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Ashley Madison Hack Hits Home

By August 21, 2015News
Ashley Madison Logo
For those living under a rock, Ashley Madison is a website for back stabbing relationship breaking cheaters.  You know the type.

Well, striking fear in the black hearts of significant others everywhere, Ashley Madison was recently hacked and the names of the unfaithful have been leaking out.  Sadly, this hack has hit home as well.

Tuo-Te the Cheating Cat!

Tuo-Te the Cheating Cat!

How could you do it, Tuo-Te!  Seeing other cats behind your family’s back!

Cuddles & Tuo-Te
STOP!!!  I can’t watch this anymore!  Oh, the humanity!!!

Just months after his passing (nearly 20 years old!), he never ceases to amaze.  You dirty bastard!

Rest assured, the MTBS team will stay strong and move forward in this unbelievable crisis.  Thank you for your kind support during this difficult time.

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