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Chornobyl360 Speaking at Immersed Europe

By August 7, 2015News
Chernobyl Reactor Control Room

Chernobyl Reactor Control Room

What’s going to make Immersed Europe a huge success are unique presentations and perspectives that are difficult to find elsewhere. This year, we are excited to welcome Kirill Pokutnyy, Co-founder of WIT LLC and author of Chornobyl360.

For those old enough to remember 1986, Chernobyl experienced one of the worst nuclear reactor meltdowns in all of history. The entire city of 14,000 people was evacuated, and only very limited government offices remain to this day. It’s a disaster zone frozen in time with rotting homes, buildings, and structures from near-modern life. Frozen in time, Chornobyl360 is working to make it possible to experience Chernobyl as it is today in 360 degree VR form.

We are eager to hear Kirill’s insights and plans for this ambitious project.  The growing list of Immersed Europe speakers can be found here.

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