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Basemark Developing VR Benchmarking Tools For All

By August 6, 2015News
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With the impending virtual reality market coming down the pipe, we are starting to see specialized hardware benchmarking solutions for immersive technologies. In particular, benchmark toolmakers see their software as a means to help determine if the PC hardware has the processing power needed to deliver a positive VR experience.

Basemark Supportred far.

Basemark Supported Solutions…so far.

Basemark is the latest entry in the field, and they are exclusively partnered with none other than Crytek, makers of Cryengine. That’s where the exclusivity ends, however. Basemark is striving to be compatible with as many HMD solutions and platforms as possible including Oculus, HTC Vive, Panasonic, FOVE, VRvana, ImmersiON-VRelia, and more.

The measurements they are looking to cover so far include:


  • Input latency (tracker and controller to application)
  • To-display latency (application to photon)


  • Stress hardware to maintain great VR experience (60fps/75fps/90fps/120fps) with varying levels of content and effects

3D Audio

  • Stress hardware with spatial audio sources
  • Memory Consumption
  • Peak memory consumption

Image Quality Test – TBD
HDR Test – TBD

Crytek’s Creative Director, Frank Vitz, is directly attached to this.  BONUS: Frank is speaking at…you guessed it…Immersed Europe!

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