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More DX11 News For Vireio Perception, Another Surprise!

By August 3, 2015News
Vireio Perception 3.0

Vireio Perception are the free and open source virtual reality drivers that make it possible to play existing games in VR even if they weren’t designed for that purpose on devices such as the Oculus Rift and other supported HMDs and solutions.

We have two very exciting stories on this front. First, Denis Reischl shared an update on DirectX 11 support:

…that means that we now also can hook newer, pure 64bit DX11 games like “Middle Earth: SOM”, “Lords of the Fallen” or the “Metro Redux” bundle!!

I could also stabilize the injection process, so the DX11 injection happens fully in the very first moment the game starts and there are no known crashes now from injection.

In all i can now say that there is currently no known DX11 game that does not fully work with the device, the context and the swapchain. Only very few crash later after drawing operations or during the loading screen.

Also the core of the DX11 Stereo-Splitter node works basically…


For those unfamiliar, the injection process is the fundamental element that makes VR drivers work with existing games to make them VR ready (or as VR ready as a driver can be). Without injection, the magic would not happen. This was previously only possible with DirectX 9 games on Vireio Perception.

There is more to this update, and we will get to that later. Here is something else to be excited about in the meantime:

“I’m personally very excited to be speaking at Immersed Europe. The chance to meet individuals at the forefront of these emerging technologies, who under normal circumstances would never be under the same roof; and the chance to spend time talking with them about subjects that genuinely interest me is an opportunity not to be missed.” – Simon Brown, Core Developer, Vireio Perception

Immersed Europe Logo

Both Simon Brown and Grant Bagwell will be presenting at Immersed Europe. Continually breaking the laws of what can and can’t be done with VR drivers, they will talk about the latest work with Vireio Perception and the inventive techniques they have come up with to overcome the (formerly) impossible, and keep this free and open source project alive.

“It would be hard to miss an opportunity such as this, being both a very interesting group of speakers and attendees, not to mention based on European soil. These events are usually uniquely in the US, and is great to see such a well supported event here in Europe. Looking forward to touching down and discussing Immersive Technology.” – Grant Bagwell, Core Developer, Vireio Perception

What’s even more exciting is this is a rare opportunity for much of the Vireio Perception development team to meet each other in person. We usually talk to each other in Skype, email or Trello – so it will be something else to share a drink at the cocktail reception in Spain, no less.

Originally, Simon was just going to come in for one day and leave the next, but the growing list of speakers, positive karma, and all the rest made the full Immersed Europe experience impossible to refuse (good call!)! The same goes for Grant Bagwell! Looking forward to seeing you guys there.

Sample companies speaking at Immersed Europe include Sony, AMD, Epic Games, Crytek, The Third Floor, Rectangular Games (for Google’s Project Tango), XionVR, IM360, nDreams, and more and more and more.

Attendees can save 100 € on registration by using the code “MTBSimmersedeurope“.  Hope to see you there!  Remember that paid registration tickets include meals, all sessions, exhibit attendance, etc.

A big part of Immersed Europe is going to be an exhibition for both the delegates and the general public (a free to see exhibit on the Friday evening).  If you run a Meetup (preferably in Europe), reach out to us for special arrangements.  Email to discuss.

Immersed Europe is going to be lots of fun at a great conference in a great city.  Hope to see you there!

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