Vicarious Joins The Alliance

By July 14, 2015March 24th, 2020News
Vicarious VR Logo
“After a great experience speaking at ITA’s meeting during GDC, I decided our new company, Vicarious, should join the ITA for the high quality connections and information it provides members.” – Alex Chu, Co-Founder of Vicarious

Prior to starting his own company, Alex was the former Head of Design at Samsung Research in Dallas where Alex helped create Gear VR and designed Milk VR.  He also spoke at the ITA’s annual meeting during GDC.

Vicarious is a VR magazine platform that allows immersive storytelling through new and legacy media formats.  Their “design-forward” platform and tools put the spotlight on creator content, allowing them to freely express themselves in VR without worrying about the technical challenges of development.  Looking forward to seeing this in action.  Welcome to the alliance!

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