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Hands Down the BEST VR at E3 Expo!

By June 19, 2015News

We’re heading back to home base with much more to share from E3 Expo. To end the week off, I’m going to settle the debate on what was the best virtual reality experience I saw at E3 this year. It’s not exactly fair, but who cares.

While in line at this VR exhibit, I was pressured to get to our next appointment on time. I was admittedly getting frustrated as the line slowly grew shorter and shorter. “Was it worth it,” I asked myself. “Should I just leave,” I asked myself. 30 minutes in, I had reached the point where the opportunity cost of getting out of line was just too high. I’m glad I stuck to it!

Without a doubt and without a hesitation, the clear winner is Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids Theme Park Ride. Armed with an Oculus Rift DK2 and a motion chair, Ubisoft managed to create a theme park experience that makes us forget the real world around us, and hang on to our seat for our dear furball lives! With a backdrop of minionesque Raving Rabbids, you are quickly blasted down a precipitous mountainside on a wooden sled. I was seriously blown away as I hesitantly looked around the environment getting ready for the next surprise. It was a serious rush. Did I care about resolution? No. Did I care about FOV? No. Was I still frustrated that I had been waiting in line so long? Heck no!

I kind of wish everyone could have moving chairs mixed with VR because once you have an experience like this, the debate between standing and sitting in virtual reality immediately becomes pointless. Congratulations to Ubisoft for showing everyone how it’s done!


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