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Microsoft Hololens at FMX 2015

All we can say is that Microsoft is seriously on their game with Microsoft Hololens.  You can't help but be impressed by these live-action videos.  Even if the actual experience seen inside Hololens is a bit lower res compared to the stage show we are seeing here (and we aren't saying that it is), we can't help but feel excited by Hololens and its potential.

Let's face it.  Even though Microsoft continues to make oodles and oodles of money by selling Microsoft Office, Windows operating systems, and XBOX game systems, they were always known more for being Mr. Practical than being Mr. Cool.

Hololens is the first innovation we have seen from Microsoft in a really long time that could represent a paradigm shift in how we see and experience our digital content.  Despite being a strong money maker, Microsoft as a company is arguably cool for the very first time all thanks to Hololens.

Speaking of cool, The Immersive Technology Alliance and FMX 2015 are teamed up for a robust immersive technology program series and exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.  Among several industry leaders, Microsoft Studios' Alex Laurant will be speaking.  Alex is a Senior Art Director at Microsoft Studios working for the Good Science incubation team where he developes holographic, mixed-reality experiences and products for the new Microsoft HoloLens platform.