Back From Spain!

By March 27, 2015News

MTBS is back from Spain! Next week, we are going to share some highlights from Murcia and some of the cool things we saw there. We also have more coverage to share from GDC 2015 (yes, still more!).

Special thanks to ImmersiON-VRelia for hosting our visit. It was great to meet their team in action as they definitely have a heartfelt and hardworking effort to make professional grade VR possible. However, just a small portion of our trip was about ImmersiON-VRelia. It was more about all the high-level academic research and industrial efforts being done in Murcia towards making the world a better place through immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality. Easily one of the most interesting trips we’ve been on, Murcia is a great find that the immersive tech world is going to grow more and more familiar with.

More to share next week!

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