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HTC & Valve Hooking Up on Vive!

By March 1, 2015News
HTC CEO Peter Chou, Sourced from TechCrunch

HTC CEO Peter Chou, Sourced from TechCrunch

How about that! Valve and HTC have announced that they are jointly working together on an HMD called VIVE. The developers edition will be out in the Spring of this year, while the consumer version will be good to go by the holidays in 2015.

It’s unclear if this will be a hybrid smartphone / faceplate like the Samsung Gear VR. It could just be a stand-alone product. However, it’s definitely going to have positional tracking that is helped by over 70 sensors, and will feature a 90Hz refresh rate display.

They’ve already secured partnerships with HBO, Lionsgate Entertainment, Google, and Taiwan’s National Palace Museum.

The full story is on Techrunch; see what you think!

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