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Oculus & Samsung Demos and Interviews at CES 2015!

By January 28, 2015March 24th, 2020News

Sorry for not updating the site for a few days.  It was a long time coming as we really needed to take a vacation!  We were practically Internet and VR-free – no regrets!

So let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we?

First, Kris Roberts tries out Samsung’s Gear VR for the first time!  He obviously had a lot of fun.  Let’s make the story juicier Canadian style!

Check out our interview with Jeff Ingram from Samsung Canada.  With a backdrop of Wendel Clark, former Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs circling on the ice in the background, Jeff shared all about their excitement for virtual reality, new VR Canadian content, and a solid hint on when announcements will be (potentially) made about Gear VR coming to Canada.  This interview is a few weeks old, so that timeline might be shorter now.  Awesome!

Too much Oh Canada?  N’Oh problem.  Here is yet ANOTHER Oculus Crescent Bay Demo…

Kris Roberts obviously got more VR than he bargained for at CES.  Do you still need more?

OK.  Check out this interview with Nate Mitchell, VP of Product for Oculus VR.

Still need more?  Tough luck!  You’ll have to come back tomorrow.

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