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AMD, Nvidia, Siliconarts…ON THE SAME PANEL!

By January 2, 2015March 24th, 2020News

This is some serious history going on.  AMD, Nvidia, and Siliconarts talking about virtual reality and making it work…ON THE SAME PANEL!  As Bill Murray is famously quoted in Ghost Busters, “…human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – MASS HYSTERIA!”

All kidding aside, it’s a real honor that these industry leaders came down from all over to share what they know.  David Nalasco is Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), James Dolan is Senior Software Engineer at Nvidia (and Nvidia’s VR specialist), and Colin Shin is Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Siliconarts.

There is still a lot more to share from Immersed!

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