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Play Piano With Your Eyes!

By December 19, 2014March 24th, 2020News
FOVE Makes Playing Piano Without Hands Possible!

FOVE Makes Playing Piano Without Hands Possible!

Now this is both VERY cool and VERY useful!  Gizmodo Japan was able to partake in a demonstration featuring the up and coming FOVE HMD that features eye tracking capabilities.  This demo gave users without the use of their hands the ability to play piano with their eyes and JUST their eyes.

Instead of seeing an 88 key keyboard, the user is faced with a visual map that they can point at with their eyes, and quickly tap or select by rapidly blinking.  While this is a practical application that isn’t exactly VR buts uses a VR device, it definitely speaks to the realization of just how important eye tracking will be in future virtual reality applications and interfaces.  Good stuff!

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