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Ian Hunter Talks Kaiju Fury! and The Mission at Immersed

By December 12, 2014March 24th, 2020News

Last week, Jaunt released several Oculus Rift VR teasers made by New Deal Studios.  Yeah…that’s cool.

What’s even cooler is one of the keynote speakers for Immersed was Ian Hunter, Co-Founder and Creative Director for New Deal Studios.  This is the guy who did the visual effects for The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, Inception, and countless more films and projects we know and love.  In his words, “I create stuff, and then I blow it up.”.  Woohoo!

During this session, he talks about New Deal Studios work on such VR experiences as Kaiju Fury! and The Mission.  He was a big hit!  We hope you enjoy his presentation too.

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