All Well Again, Immersed, CES 2015

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What a night!  Our webhosting service provider was struck by a major denial of serivce attack last night.  First our email went, then the websites, and finally the universe closed in on itself.  Madness, I tell you!

First, everything is working again!  Woohoo!  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Next, we have been encoding all the content from Immersed.  WHAT A SHOW!  We'll get more up tomorrow along with a cool press release.  Good stuff cooking!

Finally, we are building our schedule for CES 2015.  Many have already booked themselves in to sit in the MTBS hotseat.  If you want to be on the list, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. make arrangements.  CES is a flagship show for us, and we want to feature your stuff!

BONUS: We also fixed a bug with GameGrade3D.  For those using stereoscopic 3D drivers with 3D monitors, this is a great tool to help determine game compatibility with different software options.