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FOVE Pitches at Microsoft Ventures UK!

By December 8, 2014March 24th, 2020News
FOVE at Microsoft Ventures UK Pitch
We have some news from FOVE, makers of an up and coming head mounted display that features high resolution and eyetracking features.  They had a very successful pitch at Microsoft Ventures UK. According to Lochlainn Wilson, FOVE’s CTO, they clearly demonstrated the main use cases for their HMD as well as touching on unique applications for physically challenged gamers which let them play video games in ways they couldn’t before.

According to Wilson, “FOVE is a product that will help a lot of people and will lead to some really interesting creativity in the game world and literature.  We are very interested in emotion in gaming, and raising the literary character of games to that of great movies and novels.”

FOVE states that their early feedback from a purely usability standpoint has been excellent, and aiming with a controller + FOVE is very competitive.  It’s expected that the addition of FOVE eyetracking will be superior to keyboard and mouse in first person shooter games.  Sounds very cool!

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