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Over Forty Speakers Now!

By November 10, 2014March 24th, 2020News
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Karl KrantzWould you believe that Immersed has well over 40 (FORTY!) speakers now?  We’ve been working very hard to get experts from all over the world that can not only speak to the industry as it stands today, but also its future potential in areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture technology, 3D and more.

It was imperative that the conference featured fresh faces that are either rare or never before seen, and the exhibition has lots of first-sight content.  So far so good!  Still, the conference needed more.

There is a lot of hard work that goes in to grassroots industry growth.  Hard work like organizing regular Meetups, holding the first of many VR conferences, and taking risks where few are willing.  We are very happy to report that Karl Krantz, Founder and Chief Curator of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) is going to be exhibiting and speaking at Immersed.

While Karl has an established background in telepresence, he also founded the SVVR Conference in May this year, and he runs a regular Meetup that covers all aspects of VR in the Silicon Valley.  We really enjoyed his presentation when we worked together on the SIGGRAPH Global VR Meetup, and Immersed wouldn’t be complete without him.  So…he’s coming!

If you haven’t registered for Immersed yet, get cracking!  Several announcements are expected leading up to the conference.

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