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Experience Things FIRST at Immersed!

By November 6, 2014March 24th, 2020News
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Immersed continues to shape up. The new public discount code is “ImmerseMe”, and this takes $75 off the full registration rate. The earlier discount block is completely sold out.

Our advice is to register now because we have it on good order that there will be unique first-access content and prototype announcements and reveals at Immersed. The top, top people will be there, and this event is designed to help this industry grow by having all the tools needed under one roof. Media, investment, industry, expertise, you name it.  Whoever is serious about getting involved in this market needs to be at Immersed.

Details will be revealed later, but in addition to presentations, there will be awesome exhibitions put together by the likes of Jaunt, Next Galaxy, ImmersiON-VRelia, the Canadian Film Centre (this is the group that works with David Cronenberg), and more. If the still growing Immersed speaker list is any indication, and if readers have any familiarity with the history of the Immersed organizers (who also run Meant to be Seen), it should be clear that only the absolute best will be speaking and exhibiting, and it’s a very rare opportunity to be involved with something like this. There is no hype here; it just is. So get in while you can.

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