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MiddleVR Getting Unreal Engine Support!

By November 5, 2014March 24th, 2020News
Sebastien Kuntz, MiddleVR
It’s not news that Sebastien Kuntz is speaking at Immersed; we’ve all know this a long time.  What IS news is that their MiddleVR software is getting enhanced to support Epic’s Unreal Engine.

For those unfamiliar, MiddleVR is a software plugin that makes it very easy to take existing Unity code and repurpose it for countless virtual reality and immersive devices.  It’s a big deal becuse at universities, Unity tends to be the staple amongst students.  So if they are equipped with a CAVE or VR hardware, MiddleVR is a fast way to get students working with immersive equipment without a big learning curve beyond what they are already learning in class.  Of course, there are commercial benefits to this as well – this isn’t limited to academia.

The Unreal Engine version isn’t available yet, but Sebastien’s training session is a good first step for getting ready.

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