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Cubicle Ninjas Rocks, and Here’s Why!

By October 16, 2014March 24th, 2020News

ITA member Cubicle Ninjas has just released Guided Meditation, a VR demo designed to relax you.  Sample meditative environments include Birchnut Forest, Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, and Yokosuka Garden.

There is something to be said for putting on a set of headphones, strapping on that Rift, and being able to shut out the world to relax for awhile.  Great stuff!

Cubicle Ninjas is a professional marketing agency with 30+ employees on staff.  VR is a critical part of their current strategy, and there is a story here.

On November 23-24 this year, The Immersive Technology Alliance is hosting the Immersed conference in Toronto, Ontario.  It’s the first time the alliance has done this, and we’ve pulled in a lot of favors to bring in the leading minds from all over the world.  It’s very rare for this level of expertise to be under one roof on the East Coast, so there is cause to be excited.

Here’s the thing.  After we launched the Immersed website, we were informed that a VR developers group was critiquing the site for being wayyyyyy too 199X.  This was important feedback as we want Immersed to give the right impression.  When we eventually got wind of this, we knew this problem had to be solved, and quickly.

It’s with special thanks to Cubicle Ninjas that they completely changed the site’s color scheme, added new graphics elements, and even created the cool banner ads you are seeing on MTBS.  Of course, they are capable of doing far more advanced designs and ideas, but we didn’t have a lot of time to work with.

Much like the launch of the Oculus Rift where people openly commented and contributed to a great cause and product (and we know how that turned out!), this is a real example of a company that sees the big picture and is working to help build this community and industry.  We just wanted to pass on our thanks and gratitude to the hardworking wizards at Cubicle Ninjas, who will of course be speaking at Immersed in November about VR marketing.

Thanks again!

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