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New ITA Additions, Dreamworks and JPR Interviewed About VR!

By August 19, 2014March 24th, 2020News

Very exciting news on two fronts.  First, if you are fans of The Matrix Trilogy, Star Trek, or Star Wars, you need to visit the ITA website to see who the latest additions are to their advisory board.  Much of the excitement around modern AR and VR can be credited to the visions these gentlemen helped create.  It’s a big honor!

Next, MTBS really lucked out by scoring an interview with Dr. Lincoln Wallen, CTO of Dreamworks Animation and Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO of Jon Peddie Research.  In addition to talking about virtualization in Cloud Computing, a fair bit of time was spent talking about virtual and augmented reality.  This is obviously something that has crossed their desk – very interesting!

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