AMD Shows Morpheus on PC at SIGGRAPH 2014

By August 13, 2014 March 24th, 2020 News

Now this is a really cool interview!  Emmanuel Marquez, Senior Manager at AMD, talks about how they got Sony Morpheus to run on PC.  Is there potential for Morpheus to run on PC for everyone else???  Watch the interview and judge for yourself

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  • Avatar V8Griff says:

    I agree it’s interesting that it’s been shown clearly running on a PC but it’s not that surprising to see Morpheus running on a PC as it is only a monitor with the added move controls. It’s also pretty much accepted that it was running on a PC when it was first shown at GDC.

    Very neat that they’re showing network collaborative games which has only been alluded to briefly by Oculus and Epic with the Couch Knights demo. The best Virtuality VR games where the networked combat games like Exorex/Heavy Metal and Flying Aces.

    Personally I think it makes sense for it to run on both platforms.

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