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FOVE Eye Tracking HMD in Development

By July 25, 2014March 24th, 2020News

A new head mounted display is being developed by FOVE. What makes FOVE unique compared to the other stuff on the market is it will feature eye tracking. Eye tracking serves several purposes:

According to FOVE, it’s no longer necessary to have 100% clarity over the entire screen. Instead, it’s only necessary to have the highest level of resolution and related processing power concentrated on where your pupils are looking. Eye tracking is also a great tool for fast reaction interfaces. MTBS also knows that it’s a nice touch when game characters dynamically adjust their gaze to where your eyes are pointed. This is going to be extremely important for convincing interactions in a future Metaverse.

FOVE Eye Tracking HMD
The HMD is expected to have orientation based tracking built internally, and use an external unit (they don’t say camera; maybe something else) for positional tracking. They have made no mention of resolution or field of view specifications…yet.

What is intriguing is they are very exciting about being part of the Microsoft Venture Accelerator program in London, and instead of mentioning PC gaming (which will likely work), they are going on record as being excited about the potential of working with XBOX. This is by no means an indication of Microsoft’s interests or intentions, but it’s definitely an interesting angle given the inherent challenges for peripherals to break in to the console market.

FOVE is expecting to begin exhibitions in December, 2014.

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