ImmersiON and VRelia Developing New HMD!

By July 10, 2014 March 24th, 2020 News
ImmersiON VRelia HMD

ImmersiON VRelia HMD

“The fusion between ImmersiON and VRelia takes us a step closer to releasing the perfect head-mounted and heads-up device on the market. That, added to the AlterSpace ecosystem, combines virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence at its best, making the user experience a new kind of reality — a parallel universe, where the line between the real and the digital world is completely blurred,” said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, architect of ImmersiON, AlterSpace, AILEENN and TDVision.

ImmersiON and VRelia have officially announced their partnership in the professional HMD space, and are co-developing a Head Mounted Display / Heads-Up Display (HMD/HUD) for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.  While pricing is still unknown, their hardware is being designed to support dual full HD 2160×1920 resolution panels with an unprecedented 120-degree field of view.  The ImmersiON-VRelia HMD will also feature the required hardware needed for both augmented and virtual reality experiences.  Access the full press release for complete details.

Meant to be Seen also did an in-depth interview with Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, CEO of ImmersiON’s parent company TDVision Corp at E3 Expo 2014.  This interview is a bit out of date as more information is expected soon.

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  • EmerJency says:

    Although this is good news for the community at large, whatever happened to TDVision’s visor that they were developing? A quick look at their legacy website still lists it as pre-order.


  • Avatar Neil says:

    I got a lot of juicy details which I will have revealed in tomorrow’s news. I also have an explanation for this question too.


  • budda says:

    Since they were involved in the Bluray Standard, then it would be a killer application if movies on 3D bluray would plug and play with their new headset.

    Does this headset have a name … or did I miss it somewhere.

  • cgp44 says:

    Isn’t this effectively 8K, 4K per eye. What compo of GPU cards can do 90Hz on this?

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