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Dr. Jerald Checks in, Technolust News, E3 Expo

By June 9, 2014March 24th, 2020News
Jason Jerald and Palmer Luckey

Dr. Jason Jerald and Palmer Luckey

We’d like to thank Dr. Jason Jerald, CEO of NextGen Interactions. As a proud ITA member, Dr. Jerald has been touring several VR themed conferences over the past few months, and he shared his experiences for fellow MTBS readers. Thanks Jason!
The Immersive Technology Alliance Logo“One day, we will all be immersed in technology. We should bring allies. The Immersive Technology Alliance has a proven track record of being a place where leaders and pioneers in the immersive tech industries meet to share ideas and knowledge. I’m proud to be a member.” – Blair Renaud, Technolust Developer

The Immersive Technology Alliance is pleased to announce our latest member: IRIS VR, the makers of the cyberpunk thriller Technolust.

Keep a sharp eye on these guys.  Another announcement is pending.

Speaking of The Immersive Technology Alliance, the next meeting is taking place on June 18, 2014.  It’s a private members-only meeting, but there is still plenty of time to join up, and basic level membership is free for qualified content makers.  There are also special membership programs for formative immersive tech companies.

If you are exhibiting or have something to show the MTBS team at E3 Expo, reach out to us right away!  We are also going to be at the VRLA E3 Mixer, and look forward to seeing you there.

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