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Back From Toronto Oculus VR Meetup!

By June 5, 2014March 24th, 2020News

Last night, MTBS got the chance to attend the Toronto Oculus VR Meet-Up. It’s good to be a Canuck! Some of the demo highlights included Technolust by IRIS V.R. and Echo Chamber (AKA Harmonia) by Winged Pixel.

In the case of Harmonia, it was an intriguing experiment of what happens when you mix sonar, a bad voice, and VR technology. The concept of the game is to find colored discs in a very dark room. The only way you can see in the room is to make noises in a microphone which creates sound waves that make objects briefly visible. If you blow into the microphone, the objects actually get blown to the side.

When you find a colored disc, you have to hum your way to the correct pitch to make the disc fall off the wall and move to the next stage. They had a synthesizer nearby because it’s not humanly possible (or practical) to hit the right tones when you get further in the game – it’s more of an experiment.

Technolust is the recent Kickstarter success that raised almost $65,000 from their $30,00 goal. We expect to share more news from this Canadian success soon enough. 😉

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