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Jerry Steinberg at Fox Sports Has Seen the VR Future!

By May 7, 2014March 24th, 2020News
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“Next3D’s revolutionary technology has the power to truly connect viewers to sporting events as if they are THERE. Even better, actually, because viewers can move between different premium locations to ‘virtually attend’ the game.” – Jerry Steinberg, SVP, Fox Sports Media Group.”

The original press release describes Jerry as “retiring”, but only from the SVP position, and he is still very much there.  David Cole, Co-Founder of ITA member Next3D, said:

“Jerry Steinberg is at Fox, advising them on new technology. He’s the man who brought 3D to Fox Sports and will be the man to bring them VR.” – David Cole, Co-Founder of Next3D

Jerry is often credited as the “Godfather of Sports”.  Congratulations Next3D!  Check out the full press release on The Immersive Technology Alliance website.

For those unfamiliar, Next3D makes a camera rig and transmission mechanism that makes it possible to record and broacast events in a format that works with VR devices like HMDs with head tracking.  So if the camera is seated in an audience chair, the user at the receiving end can look around and experience the event with nearly the same clarity and benefit from the comfort of their own home or office.

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