VRELIA Quietly Makes The Rounds!

By May 1, 2014 March 24th, 2020 News

It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about!  VRELIA made a big trip from Spain to make their presence known at GDC 2014, and boy did they have an impact!  This video crossed our desk this morning, and it’s clear a lot of familiar faces were impressed with what they saw of them in San Francisco.

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  • geekmaster says:

    I was quite impressed at how low the latency was on their portable demo being shown outside the VR mixer. When I told them so, they said “wait until you try our demo INSIDE!”. I did, and the lenses on that inside demo (running on a more powerful desktop PC) where very impressive. Huge Field-of-View (especially the vast peripheral vision). When I took off the VRealia HMD, there was Palmer Luckey next in line, waiting to try them too. I told Palmer “You are going to love the lenses!”. I suspect that he did, but I moved on to another demo before Palmer finished his turn. I forgot to ask Palmer what his take was on that Realia demo when I spent some quality face-time with him later at the mixer.

    From the MTBS3D news archive, VRealia interview at GDC2014 (3D wide-eye view):

  • Avatar Hannibalj2 says:

    Nice Geekmaster.

    What type of FOV would you estimate the unit offers. Looking promising!

  • geekmaster says:

    >I did not measure the FoV so I can only give a subjective opinion based on memory, but it had huge peripheral vision (much larger than my Rift DK1) from its huge lenses. I did not wear it long enough to see if those large lenses added extra noticeable neck burden, but being close to the eyes minimizes the fulcrum point distance (and perceived neck strain) for that extra weight.

    However, when comparing to the Oculus Rift, total weight is as important as total FoV. As I recall, VRealia seemed to be using some sort of hybrid lens with a thicker center area embedded inside a larger thin area, like I suggested here (but without any fresnel portion):>
    I especially noticed that in the lenses (if I remember correctly) because it reminded me of the idea I posted in the above linked quote. It gave a huge effective FoV, but my limited demo was not long enough to notice any accumulated neck strain.

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