GRUSH Your Teeth!

By April 3, 2014 March 24th, 2020 News

OK.  This has nothing to do with VR or immersive technology.  Absolutely nothing.  However, it’s still very cool and innovative.

Ethan Schur was formerly Chief Marketing Officer for TDVision Corp. which made codecs for 3D distribution and…believe it or not…had ambitions in the VR HMD space several years ago.  He has rediscovered his entrepreneurial roots, and is now the COO for a new product called Grush.

Grush is a children’s toothbrush with a built in motion tracker.  When combined with mobile app games, it tells parents and their cavity fighting kids how good a job they are doing by showing what they are brushing and missing in a fun way.  They are working to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo, and we wish them well!

Back to the VR beat, Kris Roberts has part I of MTBS’ Oculus VR GDC coverage today.

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  • geekmaster says:

    The publication embargo must be over! I got my press release on this at GDC. It does look like an interesting application “for the children”…

  • Avatar metalqueen says:

    The Grush looks really cool! I think my son would love it. He’s almost 3, and he can work an iPod like an expert. Brushing his teeth, not so much! :lol:

  • lnrrgb says:

    Great idea, but lackluster vision on the game aspect. Though maybe this would keep the attention of wee little ones long enough to establish some long lasting habits. Seems like they could eliminate the reference to teeth altogether within the game, and make things more interesting. Asteroids comes to mind. Tried and true, though maybe the collective unconscious may be done with that motif. A better game might make me want one, for me.

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