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ITA Launched, Sony Reveals Morpheus

By March 19, 2014News

What can we say?  What a friggin day!  This morning marked the launch of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  Yes, definitely some media splatter we could have done without – but wow!  The room was packed, the energy was positive, and it was just gratifying to see the early makings of an industry.  Not one or two players, but a real industry looking to build itself up.

We’re still getting congratulatory emails, and some cultural VR moguls have been patting us on the back and are coming forward to lend a hand as they know how.  There is definitely something in the air that is bigger than any one of us can claim.

Of course, Sony announced their new Morpheus HMD / HMD initiative for PS4, and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that there will be room for multiple players in this space.  We’ll see if our analysis is correct, but we suspect it won’t actually be an Oculus VS Sony VS everyone else VR world.  The majority of the industry collaboration will still happen through The ITA, but the next best thing to working together when dealing with a handful of players is to draw the lines in the sand.  It’s a short term solution while Sony and Oculus figure out what they want in the world, and the rest of the industry builds a diverse ecosystem.

We’ll do more digging tomorrow as we start doing interviews again.  That was the trade-off with The ITA meeting; we had too much to get ready for!

All in all, this was a very good day for immersive technology, and there will be more days like this!

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