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UOIT Game Jam CAVE Expansion!

By March 8, 2014March 24th, 2020News

Last night, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology started their immersive technology Game Jam, and the theme of the weekend is “Interference”.

Twenty-plus students are chugging away with everything from Oculus Rifts to Leap Motion controllers.  In fact, Leap Motion gave the students a special presentation which we hope to share on MTBS a bit later.

While the students are working away in VR fantasy land, the faculty decided to have some fun too.  With the help of a king-sized bedsheet from Sears and some new Panasonic projection equipment, the university has itself a four wall CAVE instead of the original three.  In this case, we are using MiddleVR, an easy to use Unity plug-in that lets you code in Unity, and extrapolate to something the CAVE will understand.

Of course, UOIT will have a proper screen for the fourth wall instead of a bedsheet…but this is an immersive tech Game Jam after all!  Half the fun is what we can throw together on short notice!

The above picture was shot through the 3D glasses with a stereoscopic 3D camera.  If you have access to 3D equipment, viewing it is that much better. 😉

The dark shadowy figure is none other than Dr. Andrew Hogue, Program Director for UOIT’s Game Development and Entrepreneurship Program.

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