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Immersive Excitement at GDC 2014

By March 3, 2014News
Many of you have probably noticed the countdown timer on MTBS’ front page. With special thanks to The PC Gaming Alliance, The Khronos Group, and more to be revealed later – immersive technology history will be happening at GDC in the Moscone Center at 9:15AM (PST) on March 18, 2014.
Interested game developers and press are encouraged to email  Please include your credentials (name, title, company, email).  The room only seats fifty, so we’ll do our best with the limited space we have.  It’s undetermined if the session will be recorded and publicized after the show; arrangements are still in the works. 

Attendees will need a minimum “Expo” pass to get into the room, or GDC won’t let you into the building.  Confirmed preregistrations are required (the registration team has to confirm that you’ve got a seat; we’ll do our best)!

The session will finish before Oculus’, so this is a morning that immersive tech content makers and press won’t want to miss!

Separate from this session, the MTBS team will be present through the entire GDC week.  If you are a game developer or technology maker in the immersive space, we want to get you featured…in 3D no less!  Email to make arrangements.  Our schedule is filling fast, so it’s best to book in advance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at GDC!

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