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Corrected Dirt 3 in VR, X-Ray AR Specs!

By February 4, 2014March 23rd, 2020News

Last week, we shared a video of Dirt 3 with an impending version of Vireio Perception.  The video was sharply edited and people got excited, but it also contained a horrible oversight on our part.  The video was not rendered in stereoscopic 3D!  The images were doubled for Oculus viewing, but the camera perspectives were not actually unique.  Clearly, we need to restore our honor!

This updated video highlights the benefits of Vireio Perception running Dirt 3.  An HUD you can see, direct control of Dirt 3’s game cameras, and of course…TRUE stereoscopic 3D support.  Sorry for goofing up on this last week; we hope our apology is accepted!

We still have lots of interviews left from CES 2014 (crazy, right?)!  Today, set your specs aside because we found ourselves a pair of X-Ray glasses courtesy of a collaboration between Epson and Evena Medical.  They aren’t REALLY X-Ray specs, but you’ll get the idea. ;=)

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